Five Fun Holiday Workouts

Don’t let gym closings and busy days keep you from a workout!!! Here are 5 “fun” workouts that you can do in 30 minutes or less to keep you moving!!! Get your friends and family involved for a little competition!!!! 

Workout 1: Holiday Shuffle

Get your friends and family together and go out and run/power walk for 30 minutes. Wear some santa hats, festive socks, or red and green for extra holiday power!!! 

Workout 2: The speedy 12 days of Christmas

(Thank you Amanda Barone from Girl Fight Studio for this challenge!!!)

12 pushups

11 situps

10 squat jumps

9 Squats

8 Burpees

7 Mountain Climbers

6 Jumping Lunges

5 Tricep Pushups

4 More Burpees

3 Pushups

2 Burpees

and 1 more Burpee :-) 

Just go down that list as fast as possible. Can you beat my cross tone classes time of 2:57????


Workout 3: The longer 12 Days of Christmas

1. burpee

2. pushups

3. plie squats

4. situps

5. squats and press

6. bicep curls

7. squat jacks

8. tricep dips

9. Jumping lunges

10. mountain climbers

11. Single arm rows

12.  star jumps

Go through this as you go through the song, 1 ; 2 then 1; 3 then 2 then 1…… :-) 

Workout 4: Relax and Unwind

Check out this Yoga Video


Workout 5: The Christmas Box

15 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

10 pushups

5 squats

400 m sprint


Remember to work within your fitness level!!!!! And always consult a Dr. before starting an exercise program! 


Merry Christmas!!!!!





Wednesday Whirlwind



Remember to warm up and cool down before you begin this or any workout. Complete 10 of everything, then 9, then 8… all the way to 1. For an extra challenge, work your way back up!!!!


Post your time in the comments!! :-)