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THRIVEfitt… with Two T’s.

What does it mean to THRIVE? Webster’s dictionary defines it in this way…

“To grow or develop successfully; to flourish or succeed; to grow vigorously; to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.”

I don’t know about you, but that is how I want to live my life – not merely in existence, but thriving


It took me over a year to decide on a name for my business. I brainstormed. I asked friends to help me brainstorm. I thought some more. I googled gym names (I can tell you just about every such and such fitness out there). Nothing seemed right. Nothing stuck. Nothing was exactly what I wanted to use as my brand. A name is more than just a name, more than a title. To me, that brand stood as a reminder of what my business is all about, its core values as well as its services. And so after a year of thinking about a name, it started to come to me. 



I have an unspoken rule I follow in life… 

The Mercer Rule of Three

If it comes to me in 3’s, its worth considering. 

I was looking up words that I think of with my clients, what I want them to become in life. I came across THRIVE. I want them to be a better person overall, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. I thought thrive encompassed that entire idea. 

The second sign happened in church. The pastor preached a series on THRIVEing in life. The sermon series was about 5-6 weeks long. It was in that time that I started thinking about putting THRIVE and FITNESS together. 

The third sign came when I tested out the name with some trusted friends and clients. They all agreed it fit my business and the direction I wanted to move towards in years to come. 

And so it was settled. I obtained an LLC for THRIVEfitt, LLC. Had a super awesome logo made by Whitney Tracy (check her out here). And worked on updating my contact information and blog. And the rest is history. :-) 



So, what does THRIVEfitt stand for? 

T is for Train. 

        This is probably the most obvious to explain for a personal TRAINING business. It is the physical component to health. It’s lifting, running, biking, swimming, walking, yoga, pilates, OCR racing, Zumba… whatever you can think of that improves your physical state. And while it is one piece of the puzzle, it is not the whole puzzle. There must be MORE that just physical training to achieve total fitness. 

H is for Holistic.

       Holistic is one of those buzz words that people either embrace or are freaked out by. Holistic by definition is being concerned with an entire system rather than just one part. So, a holistic doctor looks at the mind and the body instead of just physical symptoms. A holistic health coach uses the same approach. While this is where I believe food fits in the training system (because we really are what we eat and food can either heal and nourish or harm and destroy), there is more to being holistic than just food. It also involves being in balance; having a balanced health triangle.If one side is out of balance, our triangle is off-center. In life, our overall health will suffer when one side is completely out of balance. Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.47.39 PM

R is for Restore.

      REST. That four letter word that is KEY to health. Sleep, vacations, weekly rest, and daily quiet rest are all important to help our body restore and rejuvenate. 

I is for Inspire.

    Inspiration looks different for everyone. What inspires me may not inspire you. Find YOUR inspiration and infiltrate your life with it. This letter is two-fold because each of us has the opportunity and the privilege to inspire someone else. Remember they are watching. Inspire them daily. 

V is for Vision. 

    Vision is goal-setting. It’s knowing what you want. And going after it. It’s writing it down and posting it around. It’s having someone hold you accountable. And its being willing to set BIG goals. 

E is for Excel. 

   Excellence is not perfection. Perfection is something already achieved. It’s finished. And we won’t ever achieve perfection on this earth. Excellence is the quality of being extremely good. It’s something we strive for every day- to be our best, to be the BEST WE CAN BE in that moment. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.07.36 PM“FITT with two T’s”

Yes. Fitt has two t’s. It’s not a typo and it was very intentional. FITT (two t’s) is the exercise acronym for switching up program design. You can change up the four variables in order to keep progressing and getting better. So, when workouts are posted on this site, I will post them and give you FITT principles so you can use them for days, weeks and months and continue to get better. Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type can all be changed to help you continue to THRIVE in your physical workouts. 


Lastly, the arrow. The year I created my logo, arrows were very trendy. Being the trendy person I am (HA HA HA), I went with the arrow, not only because I could accessorize my LIFE with arrows, but also for two reasons of the arrow. Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.29.11 PMAn arrow follows a path, a course, in the direction it is pointed. I fully believe in order to THRIVE, we must be on the path for which we have be directed. In other words, every life has a purpose and meaning and unless we are on that path, we will not truly be able to thrive. The second reason is that arrows require delicate balance. The fletchings on the arrow (the tail “feathers”) must be in perfect balance or the arrow will not travel in a straight line. It will miss its mark and be off course. In the same way, if our health triangle is out of balance, our journey to THRIVE will miss its mark.  People who have unbalanced physical, social, mental/emotional, and spiritual health simply cannot thrive in that moment. And so the arrow reminds us that we are on our journey to live out our calling, while thriving in a state of balanced health. Will that always be true? No.

But that is the goal, the vision, of THRIVEfitt, LLC.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Kalea and I am an experienced yoga coach from Toronto that has moved to downtown Marietta. I am Yoga Alliance certified, and teach a wide variety of classes. My yoga practice is continuous, and is inspired by ballroom dance, martial arts, and cross training. I’d like to talk about teaching classes at Thrive Fitt, or at ZK Fitness in the interim.

    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing back from you,