Program Descriptions

Class Descriptions FALL/WINTER 2016


Start off your workout with a 20 minute sprint program that is research-tested to reduce your body fat, improve your lipid profiles, and increase your HGH by over 400%. Then, move into a 20- 30 minute weight training session designed to strengthen your muscles and increase your lean muscle mass. This special program will allow you to bust through plateaus and reach your strength goals, all guided and supervised by a certified strength coach.  Finish out your group training session with some core and stretching for a completely rounded program. This program is designed for the timeless athlete and comes with in person as well as email support, access to all training sheets, complementary body composition testing, and a nutrition FAQ’s sheet. 

The program is designed to meet 3 days a week. Participants will fill out a goals sheet, undergo body composition testing, measurements, and strength testing. If you sign up for the program, you sign into a specific time slot that guarantees your time. However, you may drop in to any other session for free, as long as there is a slot open.  In addition, program members may purchase a 10 class pass for 50 dollars to gain access to any other class*. Discounts on special events will also be offered for program members. 

S2 Boot Camp (45 minutes, 3 days a week)

COST: 8 weeks $160; 4 weeks: $90

S2 Group Training (60 minutes, 3 days a week)

COST: 8 weeks $200; 4 weeks: $115


This program is based off of S2 but is specifically customized for those in the wiser years of life. This program includes a cardio component, functional strength, balance and flexibility all divided into equal portions. Individual instruction and a community feel is essential to this class. 

COST: 8 weeks $200; 4 weeks: $115


This winter program is designed to help cyclists, runners, and triathletes improve training, strength, and their base during the off season. The program includes 3 days of lifting with guidance, for performance and up to 4 SPIN (R)  classes a week. The program is a monthly rate and is periodized for training, advice and customization to your needs is available at no extra charge.  All workout plans and log sheets will be made available to you post purchase. Purchase of this program also allows you purchase of a 10 class pass for $50 dollars and discounts to further programs. 

COST (Monthly):______________

Personal Training: Unique and customized training, lead by a certified professional. Personal training is tailored to your goals and needs and looks to help guide you through all aspects of your health, not just the physical. All levels and abilities available. Group training and rates available. Online training is also available. Please contact Amanda directly for more information and to schedule an appointment. 

Health Coaching and Nutritional Guidance: Desiring more than just physical training and general nutritional guidelines? Health Coaching might be more for you. Sessions are conversational and interview based and do not include a physical workout. Please inquire about times, sessions, and cost. Sessions are based on individual needs and are STRICTLY confidential. 

Body Fat and Composition Analysis: Get a customized body composition analysis as recommendations. Offered once a month by a certified professional. Results are confidential and private. Please check our Facebook and calendar for specific dates and times. 

Cost: 15$ non-member; 5$ member


THRIVEfitt Class Membership:


X-tone Xpress

This 30 minute circuit uses 4 exercises that are designed to maximize results in a short period of time. This class will revolutionize the way you take class, burning calories through total body movements. All levels welcome!


Indoor cycling classes taught by various certified instructors. Classes are set to music and offer a fun, low-impact cardio class that will help you torch calories and improve your heart health. All levels welcome!


BOOT CAMP: Taught by various instructors, this course will keep your metabolism high and your muscles working hard. Expect to see weight training, circuits, suspension systems, sandbells, obstacle courses, and kickboxing. All levels welcome!