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It wasn’t long into the 1st hour of the day when I dubbed her Amanda AKA “THE AMAZING”.  She was everything that we hoped for.  I am a girls basketball coach that was looking for something to take our program to the next level & bring us together as a program from the ground up.  She allowed us to involve our High School and Middle school programs together in the training for the day.  We we’re looking for something to get our girls to surrender the me for the we mentality and she accomplished that.  The workouts, team activities & building, effective communication between player & coach, player & parents, & parents & coach, mental resilency and proper nutrition for today’s female athletes was nothing but jaw dropping.  She is a role model for each & every female athlete.  Her successes as a female & an athlete will resonate with the young ladies.  I learned more from her than our players did about coaching the female athlete.  I will continue to use her as a valuable asset to our program. We never touched a basketball!!!!  It was AMAZING!!!  
Coach Kennedy
RHS Girls Basketball Coach
Online Training:
Amanda helped develop a training program for my military fitness test. I workout everyday and I am an avid gym-goer but with my unique schedule, I didn’t have the time to focus on building a program that would effectively and efficiently improve certain areas of my conditioning. Amanda listened to what my goals were, asked what I was already doing, what my schedule was like, and built a very personally tailored program. She made a program that progressed through the weeks to build up my overall fitness level, both strength and conditioning-wise. I succeeded in knocking out my test and achieved the highest overall score on my ship, an achievement that would not have been possible without the focused plan Amanda developed for me. 
I absolutely recommend Amanda for any fitness goal you have and starting from any level! She will create a highly-tailored program and will keep in touch with you, changing it as you progress and if your schedule changes (as what happened with me). She will make you better!
-Harry Gregory, 

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