Do what you love… and occasionally what you hate.

“Figure out what you love and do that!”

I’m just as guilty as the next trainer for telling people to find what they love and do that for exercise. Love the outdoors? Try hiking or biking.  Love weight lifting? Lift heavy things.  Love going out dancing? Try Zumba ® . Chances are good if you LOVE it, you are more likely to stick with it.

And I will continue to say this to all my clients.


(my favorite word… there is ALWAYS an exception right?)

There is power in doing something you hate.


That’s right. Chances are if you hate it, it is probably because you aren’t good at it.  And chances are good that means you might get some benefit from it.

I’ll use myself as an example. I love fitness, activity, exercise… you name it and chances are good I am there. Pick up sports? Yep! Lifting? Absolutely! Swimming, biking, or running? For sure! Hiking or kayaking? Won’t say no!

But Zumba® ? Not a chance. No way. Not me. I have no rhythm or beat. I’m bad at it. And so I don’t like it.

But last night I had an hour to kill between cross country practice and training, so I gave Zumba ®  a shot (for about the 3rd time in my life). And here is what I thought… I’m moving laterally. I’m stretching. I’m twisting and turning. My goodness, I’m moving out of a linear plane of movement and this is good for my body (and preventing injury!) And so occasionally I will dance it out… 😉

But let’s back track. I said I love lifting. If you know me, that’s not a surprise.  In the last two months my strength has increase dramatically, even during higher sessions of cardio. What do I attribute it to? Adding in what I hat[ed]. I used to LOATHE push-ups and pull-ups.  I wasn’t good at them. And so I didn’t like them. And I didn’t do them (three sets of 10 was plenty thank you very much!).  However, I have a few lifting buddies who are big on push/pull. And so we added in a TON (like 150-300 a day) of push/pull for two weeks. Well, I got stronger, saw dramatic improvement in my musculature, AND… I kinda love push-ups and pull-ups now.

The point here is to challenge you. At least once a week, do something you “hate.” Challenge yourself. Keep improving. Make yourself better everyday.


Wednesday Whirlwind



Remember to warm up and cool down before you begin this or any workout. Complete 10 of everything, then 9, then 8… all the way to 1. For an extra challenge, work your way back up!!!!


Post your time in the comments!! :-)