#wednesdaywordwisdom 10/11/16

Serenity... the exact opposite of what we usually try to create.





I teach exercise for a living. I coach 40+ kids. I live in a world that is ANYTHING but serene. 

Yet, I crave those moments. 

Serenity in the quiet moments before the world is awake… or after the world has gone to bed. Serenity on trail run through the woods in the autumn months. Serenity on the beach with some relaxing music, soaking in the sun. 

I believe it’s a necessary part of life

Serenity is a necessary part of our existence. We must have the calm to grow, to change, to be timeless. 

Without rest, muscles never fully grow. Without sleep, our bodies are not recharged and break down. Without serenity, our minds are a chaotic trap, unable to function at full capacity

And don’t we create chaos? 

We are plugged in. Engaged. Multitaskers. And shamed if we don’t live that way. 

But without that serene disconnect and quiet, we simply cannot function at full capacity.

Embrace moments of serenity.

Be restored.


How do you create chaos in your life? How about serenity? What can you do today to spend five minutes in a serene environment? 

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