#wednesdaywordwisdom 9/28/16

The power of living without fear...


The word in and of itself looks powerful. It’s the act of being without fear; it’s an act of total bravery, without hesitation

It’s the soldier charging across enemy lines. It’s the first jump out of an airplane. It’s the fireman running into a burning building when all others are running away from the fire. 

But, it’s so much more.

It’s the subtle, every day occurrences that happen that we forget require courage. It’s saying “I love you” for the first time… even after heartbreak. It’s standing up for your beliefs… even when all your friends don’t agree. It’s letting a child grow up… even in an age of evil on every corner. It’s walking in to an exercise class for the first time… even if you’ve never exercised before. It’s believing in your plan for health and wellness… even if that means stepping outside of the popular trends. 

Perfect love casts out fear.

It starts with us. We must love ourselves. We cannot love others if we don’t first love ourselves. We cannot live fearless if we do not love ourselves. I say this from first hand experience. I know what it is to hate myself- to hate my body, to hate the person I was, and to completely self loathe. I know what it is like to live a slave to fear- to be held captive by perfectionism. The desire to be so right that I limited my potential and success due to fear of failure, of others perception of me, and a fear of losing physical appeal. 

Then I learned to love…

It started with me. I learned to love me. My faith brought me to love whom I was created to be and how I was created, fearfully and wonderfully made. And then I learned to love others. And my love spread. It spread to strangers. To enemies. But it started with me. I learned to nourish and thrive. I stopped depriving and starving. I began to rest and practice self-care. I set healthy boundaries. 

Self-love enabled me to live fearless. 

We so often self-sabatoge. We are our own worst enemies. We limit ourselves. We live in fear. But there is freedom in living fearless. Imagine your life without fear- fear of failure or acceptance or a number on a scale. Imagine loving yourself so much, you fearlessly conquer any obstacle on your journey to become your best self. You, my friend, are worthy of this life. Be free from fear. It starts with you… 

Live Fearless.


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