Resilience.... learning to grow through what you are going through.

“What you go through, you grow through.”


Resilience is:

  • the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens

  • : the ability of something to return to its original shape after it has been pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc. (click here for definition)

I love this image. What can be pulled, stretched, bent, and crushed and then returned to its original shape? Only something with incredible resiliency. 

We take this for granted in life. Resiliency is limited to athletes and military personnel. We neglect to see its importance to our lives.

 But life can try to crush, bend, and break us. 

Cancer. Sickness. Death. Floods. Fires. Job loss. Fights. War. 

Our lives are filled with bad things. It is inevitable. Terrible things happen. 

Why do we neglect the importance of resiliency? It is paramount that we be able to become strong, healthy and successful after the bad things happen. That is a key part to our health and wellness. It is key to our thriving. 

Practice resiliency today. Practice with the little things: recovering from a botched meeting, a failed dinner plan, or spilled milk. Practicing resiliency with the little things allows our brain to practice responding in this way as the need for more resiliency increases. Integrating resiliency into your daily health routine is critical; it is an unmistakable component of our health. It will allow you to THRIVE. 


How will you practice resiliency today? 

Some of my favorite sources are:

Brene Brown 

SGT Ken’s course The Road to Resilience

Both of these are FANTASTIC resources that have changed my life. Check them out today… at the very least follow them on social media! 



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